From Absolute Zero


How do you go about creating a web presence? A simple enough question that no doubt many of you have either asked or have been asked. This isn’t your typical WordPress or HTML tutorial. In this series you will be shown what it takes to define, conceptualize, plan, prepare, architect, write, design, prototype, code, and quality-check a website as well as other accompanying materials either by yourself or with a team – from absolute zero. Continue reading

CSS “if IE” Conditional Hack: FutureProof

At the time of writing, many websites have long since dropped IE6 support. Wonderful. According to StatCounter, IE7 has also dipped below the critical 2-percent usage rate in May of this year. Huzzah! However, IE9 can sometimes seem like an upside down IE6 and IE10 is quickly approaching release. So we still need a way to be able to target specific versions for CSS tweaks – sad but true. Continue reading